2018 Workday


Getting the field ready for the new season is a regular event for our club along with  several other scheduled upkeep events during the year.  Of course there is the three weekly grass cuttings done by our grass team but sprucing up jobs are also on our maintenance list.  We have just rebuilt both of our reel mowers and are having scheduled fertilization and weeding done so the strip should be ideal in several weeks.

About 20  guys showed up to work  and much was accomplished: new safety ropes, new ground cover for the kids play area, repair of the flight station tables, rebuild of the ground based plane restraints, a total clean out of the mower garage, and mowing of the lower parking lot.  We even got to fly for a while. There is no lack of talented guys willing to keep the field and our club operation in tip top shape. We are blessed with prior contractors, electricians, mechanics,  retired business owners and leaders, and a few who are able to open their wallet for the benefit of all.

This year we will be able to enjoy the now enclosed kitchen and the covered eating area for the event days and our regular monthly meetings ( 1st Tuesday of each month at 6 pm).  Why not come and check us out sometime. It is a great field with folks that are welcoming and willing to offer the well known and expected in this hobby >> “THIS IS HOW I WOULD HAVE DONE IT.”


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