First CAM Jet Event – Great Success

On April 27, 2019 the Charlotte Aeromodelers club located near Monroe, NC hosted our first ever Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) jet event at our club field. The weather was perfect and we had a great turn out, 33 pilots and a total of 100 pilots and spectators in attendance. Dymond Model Sports, Motion RC and Horizon Hobbies each provided pilot prizes and raffles and was well received and appreciated. We had pilots as far away as Michigan and Virginia come down for the event and enjoy the day with us. Bobby Helms, a club member and chef extraordinaire served smoked BBQ with all the trimmings. Our landowner and fellow club member LouAnn McCracken provided several wonderful desserts. EDF jets are a fast growing part of our hobby and we intend to make this an annual event. Thanks to also to fellow club members Bob Grunden, Dave Mohr, Liem Tran, Dave Warr, Dave Wertz and his wife Mary for volunteering to help with running this event.

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The Turkey Buzzard

Club member Clifford Culpepper has submitted the following paper from the 1977 National Free Flight Society Symposium.  Wow, things have really changed since 1977.  Or have they?  Thanks Cliff for the submission.




2018 Workday


Getting the field ready for the new season is a regular event for our club along with  several other scheduled upkeep events during the year.  Of course there is the three weekly grass cuttings done by our grass team but sprucing up jobs are also on our maintenance list.  We have just rebuilt both of our reel mowers and are having scheduled fertilization and weeding done so the strip should be ideal in several weeks.

About 20  guys showed up to work  and much was accomplished: new safety ropes, new ground cover for the kids play area, repair of the flight station tables, rebuild of the ground based plane restraints, a total clean out of the mower garage, and mowing of the lower parking lot.  We even got to fly for a while. There is no lack of talented guys willing to keep the field and our club operation in tip top shape. We are blessed with prior contractors, electricians, mechanics,  retired business owners and leaders, and a few who are able to open their wallet for the benefit of all.

This year we will be able to enjoy the now enclosed kitchen and the covered eating area for the event days and our regular monthly meetings ( 1st Tuesday of each month at 6 pm).  Why not come and check us out sometime. It is a great field with folks that are welcoming and willing to offer the well known and expected in this hobby >> “THIS IS HOW I WOULD HAVE DONE IT.”


CAM Participates in the “Warbirds Over Monroe” airshow


Back in May at our monthly club meeting member, Doug Morris suggested CAM investigate having a booth at the annual Warbirds airshow in Monroe. Thanks to Doug’s suggestion and the efforts of more than 25 CAM volunteers our members enjoyed a fantastic weekend at the Warbirds Over Monroe event.

Thanks to the leadership of Rick Harn the club was able to enjoy this event at nearly zero cost to the club. In addition we now have a tent, complete with club banners, that can be used at other events. Special “Thanks” to club member, Wil Radimer for securing additional tent poles which were needed for hanging our new banners. In total, CAM volunteers contributed more than 250 man-hours to making this a successful event.

During the show we were able to talk with hundreds of present, past and “want a be” RC pilots. We also attracted the attention of younger potential pilots as Doug Morris manned his flight simulator throughout the entire show.

Our primary objective when we decided to participate in this show was to promote RC and introduce people to Charlotte Aeromodelers. Having talked with hundreds of people over the two day event and passing out more than 700 CAM business cards I’m confident we achieved our objectives.

Thanks again to all the volunteers…it was a great weekend.

John Davis, President

Charlotte Aeromodelers

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2017 Fall Warbirds Fly-In

The 18th annual Warbirds event was a success despite inclement weather. We had 31 registered pilots, around 100 attendees and a full contingency of officers from the Monroe Police Department who indicated they had a great time and were very appreciative of our support of them and raising the public’s awareness of what they do, the tools and equipment that they use. CAM would like to thank the following sponsors for their support of our event: Dymond Modelsports USA, Hobby Stop in Rock Hill and a number of private sponsors. Special thanks go out to Bobby Helms and his team for the excellent BBQ meal they served and Dave Mohr for DJ’ing our event along with many other volunteers.

Monroe PDjpg

Jerry Plyler Honored at Club Meeting

At the Tuesday night meeting at the field, the club recognized long time member, safety officer, and official Club flight instructor Jerry Plyler for his many years of service to the club as our main flight instructor.   John Davis and Dave Werts presented Jerry with a nice plaque and thanked Jerry for his service to the club and the RC flying community.  As Jerry accepted the award he commented that “for once in his life, he was speechless”.  Thanks Jerry for your service to the club!


16th Annual Fall Warbird Fly-In

While delayed from our original date due to hurricane Matthew, mother nature couldn’t have provided better weather than she did on November 5th for our 16th Annual Fall Fly-in.   We were honored to have representatives of Chapter 634 of the Military Order of the Purple Heart present for this warbird event as we helped raise funds for their chapter.  41 pilots registered for the event and joined guests and spectators for a delicious BBQ lunch prepared by Bobby Helms and his team of volunteers with desserts provided by our friend and neighbor LuAnn McCracken.

We were happy to have Rick Cawley, Associate VP for AMA district IV in attendance, as well as Bob Wesley that came all the way from the Raleigh area to attend.

CD Scott Gantt presented awards to several pilots as follows:

  • Best Scale – Phil Lowery – Jenny Aircraft
  • Best Military – David Hames – T-34 Mentor
  • Best Sport – Bob Wesley – Giant scale J-3 Cub
  • Best Bi-Plane – Terry Owens
  • People’s Choice – Rick Cawley – 50% Jungmeister

Thanks to CD Scott Gantt for leading the event and to all who helped and participated and helped to honor the members of the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

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Model Aviation day Fly-In attracts 40 Participants

Our annual National Model Aviation day event at the McCracken Aerodrome is now complete.  CD Mitch Robbins ran the event and held some informal competitions which were a great success.  Several pilots competed in a spot landing competition that ran throughout the day.  The participants and spectators really enjoyed the competition.  Winners for the day were as follows:

  • Jim Katz – Demonstration Pilot
  • Benton Griffin – Spot Landing
  • Todd Griffin – Spot Landing Judges Choice (he did it with a discus launch glider)
  • Camden Helms – Peoples Choice
  • Camden Helms – Youngest Pilot
  • Ed Apolinar – Oldest Pilot
  • Camden Helms – Raffle Winner

The crowd was also excited to see a noon demonstration of high speed flight piloted by club member Jim Katz.  Jim flew 3 different types of planes in various categories.   A traditional and delicious CAM lunch was prepared and served by Bobby Helms, Billy Pigg, and Luann McCracken along with the help of others.  The club would like to thank Mitch Robbins, Jim Katz, and everyone else who helped to make the Fly-In a great success.

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Charlotte Aeromodelers Pattern Contest attracts 23 Participants

Our first pattern event hosted at the McCracken Aerodrome is now complete.  Despite less than perfect weather, the event was a great success.  23 pilots competed in 5 categories. The winners are as follows.

  • Sportsman – 1st Sam Bujnarowski
  • Intermediate, 1st Gene Flynn, 2nd Tim Pritchett, 3rd Chris Holiday, 4th Rick Harn
  • Advanced – 1st Roger Jones, 2nd Buff Miller, 3rd Don Manson
  • Masters – 1st George Asteris, 2nd Braxton Dudley, 3rd Charles Simmons
  • F3A – 1st Peter Collinson, 2nd Don Szczur, 3rd Arch Stafford

We look forward to hosting our 2nd pattern event Sept 17 and 18, 2016.

The club would like to thank Jerry Plyler and Rick Harn for planning and coordinating this event.

If you are not familiar with pattern competition, please check out the NSRCA.US website for more information.

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