The Turkey Buzzard

Club member Clifford Culpepper has submitted the following paper from the 1977 National Free Flight Society Symposium.  Wow, things have really changed since 1977.  Or have they?  Thanks Cliff for the submission.





CAM Participates in the “Warbirds Over Monroe” airshow


Back in May at our monthly club meeting member, Doug Morris suggested CAM investigate having a booth at the annual Warbirds airshow in Monroe. Thanks to Doug’s suggestion and the efforts of more than 25 CAM volunteers our members enjoyed a fantastic weekend at the Warbirds Over Monroe event.

Thanks to the leadership of Rick Harn the club was able to enjoy this event at nearly zero cost to the club. In addition we now have a tent, complete with club banners, that can be used at other events. Special “Thanks” to club member, Wil Radimer for securing additional tent poles which were needed for hanging our new banners. In total, CAM volunteers contributed more than 250 man-hours to making this a successful event.

During the show we were able to talk with hundreds of present, past and “want a be” RC pilots. We also attracted the attention of younger potential pilots as Doug Morris manned his flight simulator throughout the entire show.

Our primary objective when we decided to participate in this show was to promote RC and introduce people to Charlotte Aeromodelers. Having talked with hundreds of people over the two day event and passing out more than 700 CAM business cards I’m confident we achieved our objectives.

Thanks again to all the volunteers…it was a great weekend.

John Davis, President

Charlotte Aeromodelers

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2017 Fall Warbirds Fly-In

The 18th annual Warbirds event was a success despite inclement weather. We had 31 registered pilots, around 100 attendees and a full contingency of officers from the Monroe Police Department who indicated they had a great time and were very appreciative of our support of them and raising the public’s awareness of what they do, the tools and equipment that they use. CAM would like to thank the following sponsors for their support of our event: Dymond Modelsports USA, Hobby Stop in Rock Hill and a number of private sponsors. Special thanks go out to Bobby Helms and his team for the excellent BBQ meal they served and Dave Mohr for DJ’ing our event along with many other volunteers.

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Jerry Plyler Honored at Club Meeting

At the Tuesday night meeting at the field, the club recognized long time member, safety officer, and official Club flight instructor Jerry Plyler for his many years of service to the club as our main flight instructor.   John Davis and Dave Werts presented Jerry with a nice plaque and thanked Jerry for his service to the club and the RC flying community.  As Jerry accepted the award he commented that “for once in his life, he was speechless”.  Thanks Jerry for your service to the club!